Reference Laboratories


Virological diagnostics in the Institute “Torlak” has been performed for more than half a century. Today, it is a modern virology centre with four reference national laboratories:

The National laboratories of the Institute “Torlak” are a part of the European laboratory network of the World Health Organization (WHO) and have full membership status as the WHO accredited laboratories. The accreditation is renewed annually in accordance with the clearly defined WHO requirements and criteria. The labs` activity is constantly upgraded and harmonized with the EU standards. The labs have achieved inter-laboratory cooperation with microbiological labs in the Republic of Serbia and the related labs in Europe. In particular, the national labs have achieved cooperation with their superior regional WHO reference labs.

Virological surveillance of viral infections is carried out in cooperation with the epidemiology service at the network level of Institutes of Public Health in the Republic of Serbia, and in cooperation with the clinical physicians at different in-patient health institutions, in line with the current epidemiological situation.The result of this team work is a continuous surveillance of poliomyelitis, influenza, intestinal and respiratory viral infections, morbilli, rubella, varicella, mumps and hemorrhagic fever diseases in the Republic of Serbia territory, aimed at quickly taking counter-epidemic actions for infectious diseases control and eradication of certain diseases (Morbilli, Rubella).

The labs have professional and technical capacities to confirm the diagnosis of clinically suspected cases by virus isolation in tissue cell cultures, virus genome detection and/or by performing the necessary sero-epidemiological investigations (determination of immune status and response following immunization).