Testing Immunological Causes of Infertility


In the Laboratory for Immunological and Allergological Diagnostics, part of the analyses related to investigating immunological causes of infertility can be performed.

  • ASA test (antisperm antibodies)

Determination of antisperm antibodies (ASA test) is carried out by direct and indirect MAR test.

Both partners are to come for testing.

An appointment for the test is to be scheduled by phone on + 381 11 3953 700 loc. 223 .

For the patients from the territory of Belgrade, the stated test is performed subject to providing the referral from the chosen physician without the approval from the medical panel. The patients from other municipalities in the Republic of Serbia must have the physician’s referral approved by the medical panel.

If the patient does not have the referral, the analysis can be performed at the patient’s personal request, who is then charged with the related costs.

Opening hours

Patients: 08:00 - 15:00,every working day
Results issuing: 08:00 - 15:00,every working day