Lactic Acid Bacteria Preparations


Liobif ® – probiotic in ampoules

Liobif ® – probiotic in tablets

Liobif, a dietetic product with 45 years of tradition, is intended for all age groups and has an impact on improving health status of the entire organism. It stimulates the immune system, enhances absorption of nutrient substances, synthesis of vitamins and toxin elimination. It is extremely efficient in the prevention and treatment of intestinal infections. Gluten-free.

 Liobif is recommended in case of:

  • diarrhea in infants, children and adults
  • intestinal flora disorders caused by antibiotics, chemo and radio therapy
  • negative effects of dieting, irregular nutrition and stress
  • increased level of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood
  • chronic recurrent aphthae

Liobif is the ideal prophylaxis before and during travel.

It can be used during pregnancy and lactation period.


(See the section Lactic Acid Bacteria Preparations)

  Мedident Award 2010