The Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Sera “Torlak” is a healthcare institution with more than 80 years of tradition.


  • 1927 BCG vaccine production starts
  • 1930 Diphtheria vaccine by Ramon and sera against diphtheria and tetanus are produced
  • 1934 Tetanus vaccine by Ramon production starts
  • 1958 Vaccine against whooping cough from domestic isolates is produced
  • 1959 Production of dehydrated bacteriological media starts
  • 1960 Dr. Albert Sabin donates original poliovirus strains for OPV production to the Institute “Torlak”, and production of live oral polio vaccine (OPV) starts
  • 1962 Production of whole-virus inactivated influenza vaccine is starts
  • 1965 Production of allergens starts
  • 1968 Production of lactic acid bacteria preparations starts
  • 1995 Viper venom antiserum production is starts
  • 2020 Production of influenza vaccine, split, inactivated - TorVaxFlu® is starts