Research & Development


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The research and development activities consist of fundamental and applied research in the field of immunology, microbiology and biotechnology.

The research and development activities are carried out through the national projects of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development from the basic research program and the program of integral and interdisciplinary research, through the international project, and through the Institute “Torlak” development projects. In the field of fundamental research, the Institute “Torlak” cooperates with the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Chemistry and Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade and the Medical University of Vienna.


Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development Projects (2011-2014)


Basic research program

  • Plasticity of immune system during aging: immunomodulatory potential of estrogen (Medicine 175050)
  • Molecular characterisation and modifications of some respiratory and nutritive allergens (Chemistry 172024)
  • Allergens, antibodies, enzymes and small physiologically important molecules: design, structure, function and importance (Chemistry 172049)


Integral and interdisciplinary research program

  • Cellular and molecular pathogenetic mechanisms of reproduction disorders and genital organs in prevention, diagnostics and therapy (Biomedicine 41021)


International project (2011-2014)

OCUVAC: Ocular Chlamydia trachomatis vaccine development


Institute “Torlak” Development Projects


  • Development of in vitro tests for in-process control and quality control of the vaccines produced in the Institute “Torlak”
  • Experimental bioreactor production (Wave technology) of tetanus toxoid, diphtheria toxoid and pertussis bacterial suspension
  • Production and characterisation of novel allergens and their application in diagnostics and therapy
  • Preclinical trials of seasonal influenza vaccine immunogenicity