"Torlak" produces flu vaccine


Torlak has produced a new seasonal flu vaccine after 15 years. The move is now underway by the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices. The Torlak Institute has produced the seasonal flu vaccine "TorVaxFlu".

Of the 14 countries that participated in the World Health Organization (WHO) project, only Serbia, Brazil and Vietnam were able to make the vaccine. This one from "Torlak", which is under review at the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, is trivalent, contains two types A and one type B virus. Once the Agency's approval is received, registration will follow, and next fall immunization will begin, not with a French but a domestic vaccine, targeting the 18-65 population.

V. d. Director of "Torlak" Dr. Vera Stoiljkovic points out that the trivalent vaccine will be produced every year. "The trivalent vaccine will be produced every year, depending on the strains recommended by the WHO. The strains will be varied according to the needs or strains given by the WHO, "Dr Stoiljkovic said.

At this time, 150,000 vaccines can be produced at a special laboratory in Torlak. However, from year to year this number will increase to a maximum of half a million doses. As production increases, so will the composition of the vaccine to adapt to the older population.


Technology won

Since 2004, when Torlak did not produce the flu vaccine, it seemed like nothing was happening at this institute. The truth is different, a World Health Organization project has been implemented for 15 years, with the approval of the Ministry of Health. "Fourteen countries have been funded in terms of building manufacturing facilities, equipping plants and training people, but they have not been given the finished technology, that technology each country had to conquer. ", explained Dr. Stoiljkovic.

The fact that "Torlak", thanks to equipment, experts and technology, can produce a seasonal flu vaccine, means something else: in the case of pandemic flu, it can also produce that vaccine, in the quantities needed by Serbia. So far, vaccines have come from France and America, from next year to health centers from a laboratory in Kumodraž.